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In the early years of developing Leadership Solutions Companies, one of the managers I had worked with pointed out that I seemed to have a strong attraction to spirals. They appeared in my jewelry, integrated into my clothing, and in the artwork we were creating. She introduced me to a wonderful book by Angeles Arrien called SIGNS OF LIFE: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them. I bought the book and loved what I learned about the history of these common figures. The spiral became one of our first company logos. As I have grown and changed ---- and my world has evolved, these shapes have stayed with me, the significance of each showing up in some way. Here are the meanings taken from Angeles Arrien's work. I am grateful for her influence.

Spiral: process of growth and evolution

Square: stability and security

Triangle: self-discovery and revelation

Circle: wholeness and unity

Cross: relationship and integration

Signs of Life by Angeles Arrien

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