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My life has been spent problem solving, writing and forging new innovations, big and small. By trade and personal conviction, I am a solution provider. I have been honored to do this work in partnership with the best in visionary leaders and imaginative artisans from all over the world. The websites below reflect some of the contributions that have emerged in the process. I am most grateful about each one of them and to the many people that have influenced and walked with me on what is a great journey. ...a virtual gathering place for people around the world. Visit and explore our 24/seven Conversations, live dialogues and innovative knowledge gallery. Message from Debbe Kennedy, Founder of the Global Dialogue Center.

Putting Our Differences to Work
Debbe's Putting Our Differences to Work Resource Center. She writes about the art of putting our differences to work, sharing best practices, stories, upcoming online dialogues, and accounts of role models, past and present, who guide us to the fastest way to innovation, leadership, high performance. Also, join Debbe Kennedy for her ongoing series on online virtual dialogues.

Global Dialogue Center PERSPECTIVES
Personal writings and perspective from the Global Dialogue Center's founder. Join me for an ongoing look at everything from philosophy, leadership, politics and other current events commentary. Learn more about the Global Dialogue Center

World Vision Dialogues at Socrates Hall
Dedicated to helping everyone learn how to dream again --- to examine current realities in the world we know today and to then create a positive new vision of our future, the world and our planet.

Women in the Lead ...a unique resource center
The newest virtual wing of the Global Dialogue Center, a virtual gathering place for women throughout the world, dedicated to women's leadership and development.

Women in the Lead INSPIRATION Blog
An ongoing source of sage advice, inspiration and insights from women in the lead past and present.
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